our pastor

david trujillo

Pastor David grew up in South Central Los Angeles.  Although his Parents were Christians, he developed a rebellious attitude towards God which led him to live a life of sin in gangs and drugs.  Through many hardships and trials God led him to Calvary Chapel Chino Valley.  After being invited by a friend, David received the Lord and was saved at the age of nineteen.


God miraculously transformed David and started to train him for a mission that David was not yet aware of.  After many years, the Lord began to place a desire in David's heart to reach the inner city, especially the gang members and drug addicts.  In 2003, Pastor David Trujillo planted a church in South Central Los Angeles and started to preach the gospel and teach the word.  People were drawn to the church and change began to occur.  Because of the passion of Pastor David many people, including gang members, are turning to Christ as their personal savior.  Pastor David feels that there is a deep need for the inner city ministries and is continuing his efforts in spreading the gospel.  He is gifted in teaching the word simply, yet sound, which draws many lost souls.


With a sincere concern for the lost, Pastor David made room in his heart (and at times his home) for a generation of young gang members and the inner city youth generating a movement of the Holy Spirit in Los Angeles.


Pastor David desires to see the City of Los Angeles completely transformed through a knowledge of the Lord.  Only then will hearts be changed.